Heavy transport

MVM OVIT Zrt.’s Transportation Department has been engaged in heavy transport activities since the 50’s. Initially, these were aimed almost exclusively at domestic transports for the electricity industry (transformers, transformer accessories, shunt chokes, power station generators, turbines). Since these pieces of industrial equipment were made not only in Hungary, soon, the Transportation Department has entered the international transport arena as well. A considerable amount of the transportation business line’s invoiced is nowadays coming from work obtained via the free market, with only a minor portion coming from transport operations for the company’s own stakeholders.

The main fields of the activities of the department: transportation of overweight and oversized goods on public roads and by railway, the companion of these goods, as well as material handling in the national and international market.

Through its contacts, the Transportation Department can provide complex service from sea port up to the installation on base for its clients. The heavy transport equipment and engineering practices of the department have been tailored primarily to the completion of these tasks. The modernization and procurement of facilities meeting changed demands and possibilities (narrower substation areas, larger volumes, more sophisticated lifting technologies, special material handlings) constitute an ongoing process.

We consider reliability, quality, punctuality and security as the most important motives of ours. Commitment towards continuous future improvement plays an important role in our business policies, besides satisfying our customers’ needs to a maximum by creating reciprocal confidence with our partners.


Technical Contracting Contact:

Transportation Department
H-1158 Budapest, Körvasút tor 105.
Telephone: +36 1 414 3520
E-mail: szallitas@ovit.hu