Installation and operation of electric power supply systems

Based on decades of professional experience, MVM OVIT Zrt. carries out the installation, operation, maintenance and renovation of high, medium and low voltage electricity systems for industrial and municipal facilities.

OVIT, with the involvement of its qualified staff, operated the power plants of Mol Plc. Danube Refinery (DUFI) and Zalai Refinery (ZAFI) on a contracted basis for nearly 15 years. The system consists of 120 kV transmission lines, 120 kV receiving stations, 6 kV receiving and main distribution substations, 6/0.4 kV transformer stations, 0.4 kV main and sub-distributors, uninterruptible power sources and tele-mechanical systems.

The AUDI 132/22 kV substation and the associated 120 kV high, 6 kV medium and high voltage power supply, distribution and auxiliary systems, launched back in 2006 and implemented in four stages was operated and maintained by OVIT for almost 14 years.

Additionally, MVM OVIT Zrt. operations extended to the operation of the nearly 100 photovoltaic (PV) power plant units, built in the course of the investment project of MVM Green Generation Ltd.

Our partners and main areas of operation and maintenance include:

  • MVM Green Generation Ltd., Sopronkövesd–Nagylózs wind farm
  • MET, Dunai Solar Park
  • Paks II. Zrt, 22/11 kV transformer station