Power plant equipment manufacture


The MVM OVIT Zrt.'s power plant equipment manufacturing plant produces pressure equipment for various chemical process technologies and mechanical components for power plants.

The equipment are manufactured using a wide range of materials, since the production process involves the use of high-alloy, high-temperature carbon steel materials and corrosion and heat-resistant metal-clad materials.

The continuity of the plant's capacity and success is ensured by the unique, high level of welding technological know-how that is reflected in the production of these products.

The activities of a power plant equipment manufacturing plant include the manufacture of individual machines, i.e:

  • the manufacture of boiler parts (boiler fireboxes, steam drums, heating surfaces, ECO - superheater coils, connecting piping sections, etc.) for the renovation, maintenance and performance enhancement of power plants,
  • the manufacture of biomass fired and heat recovery steam generators (HRSG),
  • the manufacture of waste recycling and waste incineration boiler parts,
  • manufacture of pressure vessels (heat exchangers, water treatment equipment, tanks, etc.) for the chemical and oil industries,
  • design and manufacture, delivery and documentation of pressure vessels, heat exchangers, columns, tanks and other pressure equipment for the engineering industry,
  • manufacture of nuclear power plant equipment (heat exchangers, water treatment equipment),
  • manufacture of individual mechanical equipment, welded structures.

Product groups:

  • water tube, high flame industrial and power boilers: to companies in the electricity sector; for power generation, to municipalities for heating and hot water;
  • Types: coal and gas fired boilers, waste incineration boilers, fluidised bed boilers, pressure parts of biomass fired boilers;
  • heat recovery steam boilers
  • conventional pressure equipment and heat exchangers for the oil, gas and chemical industries;
  • nuclear power plant heat exchangers, water treatment equipment;
  • casings, frames for high-voltage electrical circuit-breakers;
  • storage and mixing equipment for the food industry;

Fluidised bed biomass-fired hot water boiler

  • The boiler is a four-draught, vertically arranged heat recovery unit with an irradiated combustion chamber. Exiting flue gas is discharged into the smokestack through an air heater and a dust collector.

Fuels used: wood, energy cane, alternative fuels, coal

Advantages of the boiler:

  • Flexible output variation
  • Stable operation at low level partial loading
  • Emissions (CO and NOx) compliant with emission standards without auxiliary systems
  • Flexible use of fuels and fuel mixing as required

Power ratings: 5 MW, 10 MW, 18 (20) MW

Combustion system:

The boiler uses fluidised bed combustion technology for the combustion of shredded biomass materials. The technology allows for reliable and environmentally friendly combustion of fuels with varying calorific value, moisture content and particle size, even in co-firing mode. The process consists of the combustion or gasification of a part of the fuel or fuels on the fluidised bed generated by a solid-air-flue gas mixture formed in the appropriately designed bottom of the combustion chamber.

The plant in Kiskunfélegyháza, with a total area of more than 60 000 m2 , is equipped with destructive and non-destructive testing facilities.

Promoting the training of skilled workers is of paramount importance for the development of the plant, which is why a welding training workshop has been set up in a state-of-the-art facility.