Steelwork manufacturing

The Production Directorate, located at Göd, of MVM OVIT Zrt. operates one of the most up-to-date steel processing plants of Hungary, the European rank of which is well founded already today and which is able to produce yearly some 17–20.000 tons of metalwork of excellent quality, ready for installation, supplied with duplex surface protection. All the steelwork necessary for the operation and projects of the company is produced by the manufacturing plant of the Steel Work Business Management of the Production Directorate at Göd.
The manufacturing of the steel structures started 40 years ago at the site of Göd, which has developed and is developing with undiminished strength since then. Nowadays, its main activity is made up by the manufacturing and surface protection of the special and small and large series screwed and welded steel structures. Nearly half of the steel structures,chassis structures,structure elements of buildings, and bridge structures produced here leaves the plant with duplex or conventional surface protection.
The area of the site is 12.8 hectares. The total area of the manufacturing halls and buildings is 20,768 m².

The average number of the staff members – engineers, technicians, welders, locksmiths, painters, lathe operators and fitters possessing the required training and qualification – is 300.

The plant produces general medium-heavy steelworks such as:

  • 400 kV lattice-structured pylons
  • 120 kV lattices and welded structure pylons
  • Welded columns of low- and medium-voltage (20 kV–70 kV) transmission lines
  • Substation steel-structured portal columns and beams
  • Substation device supporting steel structures
  • Transmission line fittings
  • Area illumination supporting steel columns
  • Steel columns of telecommunication networks
  • Provisional columns
  • Steel-structured formworks for casting large-sized concrete elements
  • Building steelworks
  • Containers
  • Steel structures of conveyor belts
  • Bridge structures
  • Non-series steel structures
  • Supporting masts, beams andoverhead-lines for railway systems
  • Supporting steel structures of industrial equipment
  • Steel structures of walking surfaces, stairs and railings
  • Underframes of vehicles


Our preparation workshops have several CNC profile and sheet machining centres for cutting and drilling components and applying ID marks. Our CNC machines are the most advanced and efficient ones currently available. The CNC controlled angle-steel processing machines can produce on each side – without tool change – 3 holes of different sizes up to the plate thickness of 4–100 mm and the board size of 2×6 m. The rolled section steel processing machines can process every type of section steel and pipes up to the length of 18 m and cross section of 800×450 mm.

We are constantly developing and making purchases to maintain the technological standard we have achieved.

Welded structures are fabricated in a purpose-built welding shop, in a controlled environment (automatic extraction and constant air exchange) and at high efficiency (separate assembly and fabrication welding stations). All production halls have 1.5–10 tonne bridge cranes to facilitate movement of materials and semi-finished products within the shop.

The painting plant of closed technology, of automatic material handling, of drying chamber in closed cabin is suitable for painting and duplex coating both of the so-called black goods and zinc-plated surfaces.

The specialists of the Steel Work Business Management undertake to deliver and install also at the site the completed structures.

Along with its expertise and technological proficiency, the Business Management of Göd lays a great emphasis on quality and reliability which make it able to provide the best solution to its partners by meeting their demands to the maximum extent.


Technical Contracting Contact:

Steel Structure Division Directorate
H-2132 Göd, Ady Endre út (Pf. 22)
Telephone: (+36 27) 530 447
Fax: (+36 27) 530 410